Our Story

The Story of Tees N More

Tees N More is an Auckland based bulk custom outfit provider. We supply the best t-shirts and clothing branding services in bulk, throughout the country. Get in touch with us today, for fast delivery, helpful advice, and assistance with printing or material.

When you interact with us here, you are speaking directly to the people who will work on your order—no pesky middlemen or third parties involved. You will get the best quality, at the most affordable price.

Why Tees N More should be your number 1 Choice

  • No stress process, you give us the logo, we’ll do the rest

  • Inhouse operations for the best prices imaginable

  • Expert advice from experienced professionals

  • Assistance with graphics and designs

Why Tees N More?

At Tees N More, we want your experience to be as friction-free from start to finish. That’s why you interact with us, and only us throughout the process, and we take care of

  • Your Stress
  • sourcing products
  • Branding
  • Packaging and Delivery
  • Quality Products

We will even help you emphasise your image, and help you with free advice and tips from our years in the business along the way. With Tees N more, you’re not just buying a t-shirt, you’re buying our expertise every facet of the process, with high quality, durable prints on any cloth. Not just Tees, but a lot more.